Skincare Tips to Prep Your Skin Ahead of the Holiday Season

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Skincare Tips to Prep Your Skin Ahead of the Holiday Season

With the holiday season ahead and barely a week until Christmas, it’s a great time to start prepping your skin for the celebrations ahead. Through this blog, we bring you some skincare tips you can follow apart from the daily skincare routine to bring out the glow that took a backseat with your ever-growing to-do list for the holiday and Christmas preparations. 

The holiday season is the most looked-after, with Christmas and New Year's celebrations underway. No doubt everyone wants to look their best for the party-hopping season. But quite knowingly, this is also the time temperatures drop and bring out the chilly weather that makes sure skin surrenders to dryness, tightness, and cracking. Experts advise some extra TLC and loads of hydration and moisturization. Read on to gather some additional tips on prepping your skin for the holidays.

  • Switch Your Skincare Routine. Winters take away a tremendous amount of hydration from the skin, which is why it is essential to switch to a routine that makes up for the lost hydration and moisturization. Switching to a winter skincare routine will keep your skin hydrated for longer hours without stripping it of necessary moisturization.  
  • Always Remove Make-up. Sleeping in makeup will not let your skin breathe and repair itself during the night. Makeup clogs the pores, giving you layers of dead skin cells, sebum production, acne, and irritated skin. Make sure to always to remove makeup followed by the night skincare routine before taking your 8-9 hours of beauty sleep. 
  • Do not Stress Out. Taking stress can have adverse effects on your skin. Late-night preparations and the ever-growing to-do list can stress you out, increasing your adrenal activity leading to an increase in cortisol levels. An increase in cortisol can lead to an overproduction of sebum in the sebaceous glands worsening your acne. This goes for people with acne because apparently, stress can only worsen acne and not give rise to it. 
  • Drink Sufficient Water. Drinking a sufficient amount of water is necessary to maintain a good balance of hydration in your body and skin. Water also keeps your skin refreshed and helps to maintain skin elasticity. 
  • Exfoliate. Late-night preparations for Christmas and New Years' often leave your skin irritated and tired. On top of it, party-hopping during the holidays invites clogged pores with the daily use of makeup. Exfoliation is the best trick to help the skin get rid of dead skin cells and unclog the pores. When your skin is clean, free of dead skin cells, it is better able to absorb the following skincare products. Exfoliate once or twice a week as per your skin needs and use the scrub as per your skin type.

  • Always Moisturize. With winters taking away a lot of moisture from your skin, it is necessary that you always moisturize your skin to keep it nourished and healthy. After toning the face, apply a good layer of moisturizer on your face and neck and finish it off with sunscreen and face oil. 
  • Sun Protection. Although winters do not bring a harsh sun, the UV rays are still there, even when it's cloudy. Always protect your skin with sunscreen even when you stay indoors. If you are taking a beach vacation during the holidays, carry a water-resistant, broad-spectrum SPF with a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays.  
  • Sleep Well. Like your body, your skin too replenishes itself during the night. Sleeping for sufficient hours helps your skin repair and heal itself to stay healthy and glowing. Experts say skin can make more collagen when it sleeps well, and more collagen means better skin elasticity and more plumper skin. Under-eye puffiness is proof that less sleep can damage your skin, which can result in more signs of aging in the long run. 
  • Include Hyaluronic Acid in your Daily Skincare. Hyaluronic acid in the form of serum goes deep into the skin to keep it hydrated and nourished. Hyaluronic acid repairs your skin cells and helps retain and lock hydration in the deep skin layers. But always use hyaluronic acid with a moisturizer because using it alone can dry up your skin instead of hydrating it. 
  • Use Hydrating Face Masks. Face masks can instantly revive dull and lifeless skin giving it significant hydration and moisturization. The water-binding ingredients in face masks will awaken the skin and make it look fuller and plumper. 
  • Use Hydrating Under-Eye Patches. Late nights and less sleep can bring much visible under-eye puffiness the next day. Hydrating under-eye patches help fight toxins in the under-eyes to revive the skin’s natural balance and invigorate your under-eyes.
  • Do not Ignore Lips. Taking care of your lips is as equally important as is your skin. Chilly weather often leaves your lips dry and chapped. Always exfoliate your lips and use ointment-based lip balm thereafter to keep them nourished and moisturized. You can make the lip scrub at home with honey and sugar and use it once or twice weekly. 

When you follow a daily skincare routine, eat healthy, exercise regularly, sleep well, and drink sufficient water, your skin remains as healthy and glowing as ever. Follow these skin care tips to prep your skin for the holidays and to have a glowing celebration. Just give your skin some love and TLC, and your skin will love you back. On that note, we, at Ansaligy, wish you best wishes for the holidays… BRB (goes to exfoliate quickly)...


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