What is Vegan Skincare - Some of the Best Vegan Skin Care Products

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How good is Vegan Skincare? Here are some Best Vegan Skin Care products your skin will love.

With veganism catching up in recent trends in food, skincare, clothing, and makeup, many brands, influencers, and people too are slowly and gradually turning towards equally luxurious and healthier choices. These healthier and eco-friendly choices are not only beneficial for you but also help in protecting the animals and the environment. Today, we are going to highlight the importance of vegan and cruelty-free skincare, which naturally benefits your skin and does not come at the cost of nature or animals. 

Some of you might already have a few vegan skincare products in your skincare stash without even realizing the multiple benefits it brings to your skin. Some of you might be keeping a clean vegan diet but are totally clueless about keeping your skincare regime clean as well. We are here to familiarize you with the vegan skin care regime as well as its wonderful benefits for your skin. 

Introduction to Vegan Skin Care 

A good skincare routine is critical to protecting your skin from sun damage, pollution, aging, and many other factors. Plus, good skincare should not come at the cost of the lives of any animal or environment. 

As per recent studies, your skin tends to absorb 60% of the products that you use. In that case, it's critical that we take proper note of what kind of products our skin works best with. Products that are full of chemicals, toxins, and preservatives might ruin your skin rather than repairing or rejuvenating it from the inside. Vegan products, on the other hand, are those which do not include any animal-derived ingredients or animal by-products. While animal-derived products may harm your skin, vegan products with organic ingredients have a rare chance of affecting your skin.

To summarize, your skin care products with all organic plant-based ingredients are vegan. In other words, all the products that are made up of plant-centric formula and are not built at the price of harming the environment come in the category of vegan skincare. Let us give you a detailed lowdown on how vegan skincare products can make your skin flawless and youthful. But before that, let us briefly discuss the vegan beauty concept and why is it rapidly becoming such a popular choice in the world.  

What is Vegan Skincare 

Vegan comes from vegetarian but there's much more to vegan than just vegetarian. Vegan does not include any ingredient that comes from animals, insects, or any reptiles. Even silk from silkworms, and, milk or milk products are a complete no-no for a vegan. As mentioned before, vegan products are not made in ways that can harm the environment or its species in any manner. These plant-based products are not only environment-friendly but are incredibly beneficial for your skin as well. Vegan skincare comes from nature and all the ingredients included in vegan products gets tested multiple times on different skin types before it reaches you. These natural ingredients are completely safe and work effectively by seeping into the deep layers of your skin. Vegan skincare products range from balms, cream, oils, moisturizers, face masks, under-eye formula, and others. 

Some of the common animal-derived ingredients used in famous beauty products are lanolin, carmine, and beeswax. Lanolin is the greasy substance that is derived from the wool of a sheep (yes, it's too late to unthink of it now), and carmine or cochineal is derived from crushing bugs to extract the red color, while beeswax, derived from bees, is a thickener that is used in lip balms and lipsticks.

It is critical to note here that cruelty-free skin care products are not the same as vegan products. Cruelty-free products are those which are not tested on animals at any stage of their development. On the other hand, vegan products do not contain any animal components at all. All in all, a beauty skin care product can be cruelty-free, but for it to be vegan, it has to contain only plant-based products. No animal-based ingredients such as gelatin, honey, keratin, and many other components can be included in vegan skin care products at any stage. A vegan product can or cannot be cruelty-free. But, when a skincare brand says they are cruelty-free and vegan, it means neither their products are tested on animals nor they contain any animal ingredient or animal by-product. 

How to Identify if a Product is Vegan or not? 

There are numerous vegan skincare brands in the world such as Pai, Youth to the People, and Herbivore Botanicals. But, only a few brands provide organic plant-based and good quality skin care products. Follow a few simple guidelines to be sure whether the skincare product you are buying is vegan or not. 


The first thing that you need to check is the list of ingredients mentioned on the product. It should not contain any ingredients that are either a by-product of an animal, derived from an animal or an animal ingredient itself. Any product, if it contains any animal-derived ingredient would mention the same. Any vegan product will include ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, grape seeds, green tea, and many other components that are plant-based.  

Look For terms 

The terms mentioned on the product are also one of the ways to differentiate it from non-vegan skincare products. A vegan skincare brand usually uses the terms 'organic components,' 'certified,' 'plant-based components,' 'no toxic ingredients,' '100 vegans,' 'preservative-free,' and 'Peta-certified.' Such terms mean that the product includes only organic and plant-based ingredients.


One other factor that a buyer needs to keep in mind while buying vegan skin care is the term 'cruelty-free.' Due to the confusion between the terms cruelty-free and vegan skin care, many beauty skincare consumers get bewildered between a vegan product and a cruelty-free product. As we have mentioned before, a cruelty-free product does not necessarily mean that it is vegan and vice versa. 

These terms might look the same but there's a slight difference and must not be confused with each other. Only if a beauty brand says, 'cruelty-free and 'vegan' should it be considered free of all animal-based ingredients and never tested on animals. 

Vegan Marks

Before buying a beauty skin care product, make sure to check for vegan marks by PETA to ensure its authenticity. If you buy a vegan beauty bar, a moisturizer, serum, mask, or cream and want to ensure the products are vegan, look for the bunny face with 'CrueltyFree and Vegan' sign on the product. The bunny indicates that the product is 100% vegan, never tested on animals, and genuine. 'Peta-approved vegan' is another indication of a genuine vegan product. 

How Vegan Skincare Products can make Your Skin Flawless

Vegan skincare products are comparatively more beneficial for your skin to be youthful and glowing. These products are suitable for all skin types, even people with sensitive skin. Now the question popping in your head is how eliminating a few animal-based ingredients makes skin care products better? To answer this question, let us go through all the factors that make organic beauty skincare products better without any animal-based products or by-products. 

Natural skincare ingredients 

Vegan skincare products are also popularly known as plant products. Why? Because vegan products contain only plant ingredients instead of animal ingredients. These plant ingredients are 100% organic, natural, and tested on humans before including them in skincare products. Many plant-based ingredients are the best organic alternatives to animal-derived ingredients and have shown to benefit the skin much better than animal ingredients. 

Because of the organic nature of the ingredients, vegan skin care is more effective and beneficial in protecting our skin’s natural glow and extracting all the unwanted substances like dirt, pollution, and toxins out of it. 

Fewer chances of Acne or Breakouts

One other factor that makes vegan products better is their ability to fight against acne. There is a very thin line between vegan skin care and non-vegan products. Vegan skin care does more good than harm.  As these vegan skincare products do not include any toxic chemicals or animal by-products, there is a very low chance of these products resulting in acne. Niacinamide is one organic ingredient included in vegan skincare products that keeps the skin protected from acne. 

Fewer chances of reactions or side effects 

Another significant factor that makes vegan skincare highly popular is its low chance of resulting in reactions or side effects. Every ingredient included in vegan products is tested on humans and passes hundreds of quality checks before it becomes perfect to add to the skincare products. On top of that, a ready product is also tested multiple times on different skin types and in different conditions to be sure of its quality. Only after every product and ingredient is checked for quality, effectiveness, and reaction does it reach the end consumer. 

Works well with all skin types. 

Without toxins or any harmful chemicals, vegan skincare products are suitable to work incredibly well with all skin types. With consistent use of these impeccable and organic skincare products, you are sure to have a younger-looking, beautiful, and healthy skin for years to come.

Balancing pH levels 

pH levels are categorized as either too alkaline (14 pH level) or too acidic (0 pH level). Dry skin tends to be more alkaline and leads to early signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines, while oily skin tends to be more acidic leading to acne and breakouts. Having a good pH balance around 4.5 - 6 means having a normal skin type, not too dry, not too oily. Vegan skincare products help in balancing skin’s pH levels. Organic and non-toxic ingredients help you clear skin without drying it and keeping the production of sebum under control. The antioxidants in vegan products help fight free radicals to reduce the effect of sun exposure, aging, or pollution, giving you good textured skin with a good pH level.

Benefits of Cruelty-free Vegan Products

There are numerous benefits of using these impeccable and environment-friendly skincare products. Let us list out a few.

No animal cruelty 

Animal cruelty is not only harmful to wildlife but also gravely impacts the environment. Animal and nature conservation is the main reason why vegan skincare is trending. Vegan products being 100% cruelty-free makes them highly used and loved by millions of users today. The best thing about these vegan brands is that they not only make products filled with goodness but also help raise awareness against animal abuse. 


One of the most significant benefits of using vegan skincare products is that they are 100% nature friendly. These vegan skincare brands actively support the cause of sustainable living while making skin-friendly products that do not come at the cost of any life. Vegan products like serum, cream, masks, and oils are not made by harming the environment or by using up the non-renewable resources from the earth.  Other than this, all vegan products are packaged in biodegradable packaging and adapt all other methods that are fully eco-friendly. 

Works well with Sensitive skin

As of today, we are aware of all the problems that come with using products that include chemicals and toxic substances. This is why we must make our choices very cautiously and carefully. Non-vegan products may or may not work well with sensitive skin types. However, vegan products do not have any toxic or harmful ingredients that could react with sensitive skin. Vegan products are highly beneficial in protecting the sensitive skin against free radicals caused by pollution, sun exposure, and aging, while also effectively clearing pores of dirt, oil, and make-up.  

High in antioxidants 

Daily hustle-bustle and exposure to sun, pollution, and aging leads to the production of free radicals in the skin, causing wrinkles, fine lines, saggy skin, and dullness. Antioxidants help in fighting and reducing free radicals, directly bringing effective results in early signs of aging. Vegan skin care products are high in antioxidants like vitamin C benefiting you from the first use. With the consistent use of vegan products, your skin can overcome dark spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and early signs of aging. 

High in anti-aging properties 

Antioxidants and other ingredients like bakuchiol and niacinamide have anti-aging properties. All these ingredients are found in vegan skincare products which makes them highly beneficial for aging skin and also for preventing early signs of aging. 

Maintains youthful Skin

Ingredients like hyaluronic acid help maintain the moisture content in the deep skin layers that keeps the skin soft, supple, and hydrated. Hydrated skin is healthy skin, away from early signs of aging. 

Rich in Vitamins 

Vegan products such as face oil, face mask, and moisturizers have a high quantity of skin essential vitamins like vitamin A, B3, and C. All the vitamins in vegan skincare ingredients help cure skin problems like early aging, pigmentation, dullness, acne, etc.

High healing properties 

Vegan skincare products also have high healing properties. Aloe vera, green tea, chamomile, jojoba oil are great vegan ingredients with healing properties to cure sunburns, lesions, wounds, ulcers, etc. 

Do Vegan products expire Faster than Non-vegan products? 

Vegan skincare products are made up of plant-based components. The plant ingredients are later on added with natural preservatives. The expiry period of such products is nearly similar to the non-vegan skincare products. Dr. Robert Anolik, a famous Dermatologist, says, “The shelf life of vegan products can be increased by adding organic preservatives.” He further states that “natural preservatives keep the products good for use for a significant amount of months that benefits the users and the environment too.”

But, if in case, organic preservatives are not added to vegan skincare products, there is a higher possibility of the skincare products expiring faster. The shelf life of a non-vegan product is obviously higher because of the animal preservatives present in them. Moreover, in case a consumer wants to preserve the vegan products naturally, they have to store such skincare products at a cool temperature to increase their shelf life. The shelf life of vegan products is also one of the many reasons why you should be cautious enough to read the labels before buying. 

Some Vegan Skin Care Products to Get that Glow

There are numerous vegan skincare brands that deliver high-quality and genuine vegan skincare products. We’ve already elaborated how and on what factors you can trust the skincare brand and their products. 

Below are some vegan and cruelty-free skincare products that promise to remove all skin problems and get the desired glow back.

Hydrogel Face masks 

Ansaligy’s hydrogel face masks have to be your skin’s best friend. Vegan and cruelty-free, these masks are incredibly effective to revive your tired and fatigued-looking skin in just 15 minutes. These hydrogel masks have potent ingredients like hyaluronic acid, bamboo charcoal, amber powder, carrageenan, niacinamide, and many more. These ingredients along with water-based hydrogel base work by reducing free radicals, repairing skin cells, and locking in moisture. When the skin is fed organic from the inside, it glows beautifully from the outside.

Remember, hydrogel face masks are not sheet masks. They are made with a water-based gel, called hydrogel that moisturizes the deep layers of your skin, making it plump, supple, and hydrated. The hydrating formula in these face masks blends in your skin like water and makes your skin beautiful from the inside out. 

Hydrating Under-eye Patches 

Say hello to beautiful eyes with Ansaligy’s hydrating under-eye patches. These eye patches are 100% vegan and cruelty-free allowing you to use them with pride that they did not reach you at the cost of a living being or environment. These hydrating under-eye patches contain bamboo charcoal, amber powder, hyaluronic acid, berry extracts, lemon extracts, and many more plant-based ingredients. 

The power of antioxidants makes these under-eye patches a powerful solution to dark circles, wrinkles, crow’s feet, puffy eyes, and eye bags. These antioxidants work by reducing the movement of free radicals leading to a reduction in signs of aging. The presence of hydrating ingredients and hydrogel base help trap moisture in deep skin layers while the amber powder works as an exfoliator that helps in removing dead skin cells. 

Nourishing Cleanser 

Another incredibly useful and effective vegan skincare product is a nourishing cleanser. These cleansers work like magic to extract all the pollution, dirt, and impurities from the deep layers of your skin, leaving it clean and soft yet hydrated. 

Plant-based ingredients like green tea, aloe vera, carrageenan, and albizia julibrissin bark extract make these cleansers all more effective to pull out dirt while cleaning the face without stripping it off of natural oils. A vegan cleanser is also highly beneficial for the skin because they do not result in any kind of irritation. Due to the blend of all the natural plant ingredients, these cleansers are highly beneficial in protecting the natural glow of the skin. 

Final Thoughts 

The powerful anti-aging, antioxidant, and hydrating ingredients make vegan skincare the preferred choice of every skincare enthusiast. Apart from that, being environment and animal-friendly, everyone can proudly use vegan products. 

Often promoted by vegans and other environmental and animal activists, vegan skincare is here to stay with such a long list of benefits not only for the skin, but also for animals and nature. It is also not priced heavily as other skincare products. Vegan skincare is always affordably priced so that it can reach as many people around the world. Vegan skincare brand like Ansaligy believes animals should not be a part of human skincare and helps in spreading awareness on the issue with its vegan skincare range. Start taking vegan food, vegan clothing, and vegan skincare today, and be a proud flag-bearer of veganism. 

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