Ansaligy Products

    - Are your products suitable for every skin type?
    Our products are suitable for every skin type and are made to bring visible results to every skin type. However, our face masks and under-eye patches with amber powder are best suited for dry skin, combination skin, sensitive skin, and aging skin while, face masks and under-eye patches with bamboo charcoal are best for oily skin. People with normal skin can use all our products without any hesitation. 

    - How do I store Ansaligy products after I receive them?
    You can easily store Ansaligy products in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight. Also, make sure to keep the face masks and under-eye patches straight. Do not keep them folded or pressed with anything heavy to keep them away from damage.

    - What is the shelf life of your products?
    The shelf life of Ansaligy products is mentioned on the product packaging, but it’s best to use them within three months as ingredients tend to lose their effectiveness as time passes.

    - Can I buy Ansaligy products from any other website?
    Our products are sold only at Ansaligy USA for our US consumers. We do not guarantee the authenticity of products purchased from any other website with our name.

    - Are your products safe to use?
    All our products are 100% safe to use. We combine the latest technology with 100% vegan ingredients so that nothing harms your skin and it receives only the best.




    - What is the best time to use Ansaligy face masks and under-eye patches?
    Ansaligy face masks and under-eye patches provide ample hydration and moisturization. This is the reason our face masks and under-eye patches work best irrespective of the time. You can use them any time of the day but most of our customers use them in their morning skincare routine for a refreshed, plumped, and dewy look.

    - For how long do I need to put on Ansaligy face masks and under-eye patches?
    It is advised to put them on for 30-40 minutes for a face that glows and looks youthful. However, for people with sensitive skin, it is advised to use them for around 15-20 minutes.

    - Can I reuse Ansaligy face masks and under-eye patches?
    No, our face masks and eye patches are one-time use products.

    - Does Ansaligy products have animal-derived ingredients?
    No, all our products are plant-based and 100% vegan. We believe in creating skincare products with natural ingredients. Our products are tested on humans so that we bring to you only what works the best for you.

    - Are your products proven?
    Our products are proved to be highly effective for wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, uneven skin tone, and dark circles. They help in repairing and reviving the dull and lifeless skin and makes the skin plump and dewy in first use. Effective results can be seen after some time of usage.

    - Why do most of your products have hyaluronic acid in them?
    Hyaluronic acid (Sodium hyaluronate) is a wonder ingredient for every skin type at every age, starting early twenties. It hydrates and moisturizes your skin from within and works with water in your skin cells to lock the moisture. This ingredient has the power to maintain youthful skin when used appropriately from an early age.

    - Are hydrogel face masks better than sheet masks?
    Hydrogel face masks are any day better than sheet masks because hydrogel face masks are made with bio-cellulose that is bio-degradable. Also, because of the name hydrogel (hydro+gel), these masks are water-based and have a higher water content that leaves the skin plump and fuller. Hydrogel also gives a long-lasting soothing effect to the skin.

    - Do Ansaligy face masks and under-eye patches have serum?
    Our face masks and under-eye patches come with hydrating serum on the application side, which gets absorbed into the skin as you use them. When you remove the masks and patches, you can apply the remaining serum on your face and get rejuvenated with a fresh looking and plumped skin. 

    - What is Bamboo Charcoal, and is it good for the skin?
    Bamboo charcoal is obtained after harvesting bamboo plant pieces for five years and then burning them at very high temperatures. These burnt pieces are powdered and added to various things for different uses, one of them being skincare. Bamboo charcoal is great for the skin as it has the power to adsorb all impurities, toxins, dirt, oil, and debris from deep pores, leaving the skin clean and detoxified. 

    - What is adsorb with regards to bamboo charcoal?
    Bamboo charcoal has the natural ability to adsorb impurities. It means it does not absorb the dirt, oil, debris, and impurities from the skin but adsorbs them. Adsorb means to hold all the impurities and dirt on the surface of something. Our face masks and under-eye patches with bamboo charcoal have the power to adsorb the impurities, dirt, oil, and other debris from the skin, while the serum with hydrogel gives ample hydration to the clean pores. 

    - Who can use products with Bamboo Charcoal?
    Anyone can use it, but the most preferred skin type is oily skin.

    - What does amber powder do for the skin?
    Amber powder is obtained after grinding larger fractions of natural amber stone. The amber powder granules are used in skincare to exfoliate the dead skin cells delicately. It rejuvenates, reinvigorates & soothes the skin and smoothes the uneven skin tone. 

    - Are Ansaligy face masks and under-eye patches good for mature/aging skin?
    Ansaligy products have highly hydrating and detoxifying ingredients like hyaluronic acid, hydrogel, carrageenan, bamboo charcoal, and red algae extract. These ingredients clean and detoxify the skin from deep pores and hydrate it to make it plump and youthful. These ingredients make our products highly effective for aging or mature skin.

    - What does red algae extract do for the skin?
    Red algae extract is a powerful ingredient in skincare. Free radicals, caused by sun exposure, pollution, dust, and smoke, are responsible for breaking of skin collagen, wrinkles, dark spots, and saggy & loose skin. Red algae extract is an antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals in the skin. It also helps block UV rays to protect skin barrier against sun damage and dark spots. It also increases moisture content in the skin, improves skin elasticity, improves skin’s defence barrier and makes the skin smooth and supple. It is also a great ingredient for under-eye care and works as a magic skincare element for aging and mature skin.

    - Is red algae extract a vegan ingredient?
    Red algae is majorly found in coral reefs and tide pools. It is 100% vegan and makes for a sea plant that grows and makes its food itself. Owing to its highly effective properties to cure skin, it is added to skincare products around the world.

    - Can I trust your ingredients for my skin?
    You can trust the ingredients we put in our products as we use 100% vegan ingredients. We use only the best ingredients while we keep out what is unsafe and unnecessary for your skin. Our products have been tested on different people around the world and can be trusted easily.



    - Do you ship outside of the US?
    No, at present, Ansaligy USA ships only within the US.

    - How much do you charge for shipping?
    We do not charge any shipping for orders valued at $100 and above. Orders valued at less than $100 are charged nominal shipping as per the shipping location. To avail free shipping, you must select the ‘free shipping’ option at the checkout page.

    - How do I make sure my order is placed?
    We send a confirmation email as soon as you place the order with all the specifics. You can also check your order status by logging into your Ansaligy account.

    - Will I be notified when my order ships?
    Yes, we email you when your order ships from our warehouse. It can also be tracked from your Ansaligy account.

    - How much time does it take for my order to reach me?
    In general, it takes around 2-3 days for us to process your order and another 2-3 days for your shipment to reach you. Because of shipping delays due to COVID, it might take 3-4 days to reach you.


    Cancellations, Returns, and Refunds

    - Can I cancel my order after I placed it?
    Yes, you can cancel your order but only until it has been shipped from our warehouse. 

    - Can I return or exchange the items I purchased?
    We take proper care while processing every order. But, if due to any reason in shipping, you received a damaged item, you can contact us within 2 weeks of your purchase and we will be happy to assist you with returns and exchanges. You need to have proof of purchase from our website for any return or exchange at our website. Please note that we do not accept damaged / opened / used products unless the product was damaged upon arrival. 

    - What is RA in terms of returns and exchange?
    RA is the return authorization number that you need to obtain from our customer care for any return and exchange you need to place. No orders are returned or exchanged without the RA number.

    - Do I need to ship the return/exchange item to you or do you pick it?
    You need to ship the returns or exchange order to us just after receiving a go-ahead from us along with the RA number. Your return order will be solely your responsibility until it reaches us and its shipping cost will not be covered by Ansaligy USA.

     - When will I get my refund?
    Your refunds are processed as soon as our inspection team quality checks and qualifies your order for return. Money reflects back into your account within 5-7 business days.