Our Story


Ansaligy was founded by two women on–the-go who know the value of self-care. Tina Kandelaki and Linda Guseva grew up in the USSR, where beauty products were scarce, and self-care was not a common practice. By watching their mothers defy the constraining cosmetic industry, and learning the best self-care practices along the way, Kandelaki and Gusev turned their love of cosmetics into an ongoing enterprise to benefit all women.

Here at Ansaligy, we aim to provide you with most beneficial products for your skin, so that you, too, can practice good habits of self-care. Our laboratory in Russia is equipped with the latest technologies and advanced professionals, who are constantly working and studying new techniques to create products that deliver optimum results.



- Surrounded by Beauty

Tina Kandelaki’s and Linda Guseva’s mothers were the type of women who managed to take care of themselves while juggling a multitude of other aspects of life. Full of energy, passion, and power, the women sewed their own clothes, made their own DIY cosmetic creams, and shared beauty recipes with each other. These are the women that were the main inspiration and drive to create a skincare brand.

- Tips by Strong Women

Despite having limited choices of cosmetic products in the Soviet Union, Tina’s and Linda’s mothers were able to work with what was accessible to them and achieve excellent results. The two women taught their daughters to take care of their skin with beauty routines and shared with them the secrets of maintaining a youthful and radiant appearance.

The key tip was to “listen” to your skin— to nourish it only with what is necessary, and nothing more.

- Beginning of a Great Friendship

Every summer, Tina used to visit her grandmother who lived in a small village in Georgia. There she met Linda, a village girl, and they formed a special bond that would last forever. The girls lived in different worlds, but Tina often told Linda stories about life in Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi. Together, they dreamed of a great future in the big city.

While Tina was back in Tbilisi, and Linda in her village, they stayed in contact by writing letters to one another. Tina used to place eye shadows or make-up powder inside of each letter so that Linda could sample the beauty products that women in the city used every day.

- Years Later

Years later, the two friends went on to achieve the success they had dreamed of. While Tina was under a strong spotlight in Russia’s capital, Linda was building her career in Greece.

Having worked extensively in client services, Linda became an expert in her field.

Following their childhood dream, the two friends brought their knowledge and experiences together to build a business in the beauty industry — a high-end SPA-clinic in Moscow, Russia.

- Back to their Roots

The decision to open a SPA-clinic was made not only because of Tina and Linda’s desire to maintain beauty, but also because of their desire to give this opportunity to other women as well.

Upon starting this business, the two agreed to invest all profit into finding the best beauty solutions from all over the world that would allow any active, modern woman to maintain a high quality of life through beauty procedures.

- Finding the Solution

Even though Tina had the means to purchase any skincare product that the best cosmetic lines could offer back then, no brand brought her full satisfaction. Professional make-up and ongoing shoots were heavy on the skin, and required a completely different level of skincare.

It was at this point that Linda and Tina remembered what they had been taught as children: the best way to find your desired solution is to create it yourself.

While searching for efficient solutions, Tina and Linda consulted with multiple international experts and one of the best technologists with years of experience in the industry, Dr. Valentina Demenko, who later would become the head of the Ansaligy laboratory.

Together, they found scientific proof to the words their mothers reiterated throughout their childhood: skin is a living organism that knows how to support itself, but needs our help to maintain and achieve the best results.

- Beauty Formula

Finally, the solution was found – seven ingredients from all over the world. The diamond element among them was SWT−7 created by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, a French laboratory. This element won an award at In-Cosmetics, an international skincare exhibition, in 2015.

SWT-7 regenerates skin cells by activating its own stem cells. A mechanism such as this one perfectly matched with Tina and Linda’s vision of proper skin care.

- Beauty Heritage

When the products became popular among Tina and Linda’s friend circle, they realized that these solutions would be more beneficial if they were available to all women.

After endless searching, testing, and experimenting on themselves, they finally discovered a formula that works. Their dedication would be able to reach women from all over.

Thus, the Ansaligy product line was created- combining the best solutions to meet the needs of every woman.