Our Story


Ansaligy aims at providing the best skincare to women worldwide. We believe in bringing the best solution to all your skin problems from nature. Years of extensive research, trial & testing helped us uncover the best ingredients for skincare. We have brought together all the ‘good-for-you’ and ‘good-for-nature’ ingredients in our products so that you can have the best skincare within your reach without any compromise. Formulated with organic ingredients, our products enhance your beauty from within, maintain your youth, and help you get the glow you always desired.  

We value every individual and their skin type. Our exclusive range of skincare products is made valuing your individuality and targeting your specific skincare issues. Our laboratory is equipped with the latest technologies and advanced professionals who are constantly working and studying new techniques to create products that deliver optimum results. After successfully delivering great results for people in Russia and Ukraine, Ansaligy has brought its highly effective products to its US customers. With Ansaligy, your skincare worries are not yours; they’re ours.



- Our Founders

Ansaligy was founded by two women, Tina Kandelaki and Linda Guseva who understand the importance of self-care. Growing up in the USSR, where beauty products were scarce, and self-care was not common, Tina and Linda helped women realize what true beauty is and provided the best skincare for every woman. They merged the age-old traditions of organic skincare with the most advanced technology to help every woman gain access to the best beauty products. 

- How was Ansaligy Formed?

The inspiration behind Ansaligy is Tina and Linda’s mothers, who taught them the importance of skincare from a very young age. Both of these girls were determined to find and provide the best solution for skincare to women all over the world. Their journey started with establishing a high-end spa clinic in Moscow, Russia, where their only motive was to bring great self-care opportunities for women. They continued to research for the best skincare solution for the active and modern woman to maintain a high quality of life.

Years later, with the help of international experts and technologists, they found seven highly effective ingredients for skin. One of these elements was SWT−7, created by Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, a French laboratory. SWT-7 regenerates skin cells by activating their own stem cells. A mechanism such as this one perfectly matched with Tina and Linda’s vision of proper skincare. Later, skincare products were created using these ingredients. After regular testing on themselves and on a few friends, they came up with the best formula which would go on to become a revolutionary skincare brand - Ansaligy.

- Our Vision

Ansaligy has a clear vision - to see every woman have equal access to best skincare. Tina and Linda, along with other professionals, are working continuously to bring their vision to life. Slowly but steadily, Ansaligy is reaching out to women worldwide and making it possible for them to access the best, most advanced, and organic skincare. Our success is measured by the positive results Ansaligy products have brought to women worldwide.

- Our Mission

We believe in providing the best skincare to women without bringing any harm to nature. While we include all the necessary ingredients in our products, we keep out all the unnecessary ones. We depend on nature to bring the most effective results that you can see and feel. Our products are never tested on animals and are purely plant-based. We make skincare an easy, soothing, and rejuvenating experience for you.